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Which Jukebox to choose for your party hire?

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Here at jukebox45s we hire some 400 jukeboxes a year and have been for some 17 years. We hire a range of jukeboxes. We have Touchscreen Digital, Video, CD, Vinyl and portable jukeboxes.

We understand that different types of parties and evening entertainment require different music setups, looks and functionality and we cater for them all.

This is not written in stone and there is some cross-over but we want you to have a great time and will advise what we think is the best jukebox for your type of one day or night party hire. We want you to keep coming back to us for your future party requirements.

Before we point out the differences – let’s point out the similarities, 
All of our jukeboxes are commercial jukeboxes. All sound great and all look great. All can be loaded with great music and all of them will make your party a great success,

So what’s the difference?
Our most versatile and popular jukebox is the Touchscreen Digital Americana jukebox. This is the jukebox we more often recommend for Weddings, Birthday Parties and House parties etc.

Digital Americana Jukebox

This is a full sized jukebox with a great professional sound and look and is great for any type of hire.

But it’s the music and functionality that make us recommend this jukebox for Weddings, Birthday Parties and House Parties.

If you give us no other instruction, we will load the your jukebox with some 30,000 songs covering the 1950s to Modern Day. This music has had years of experience and thousands of hire experiences gone into it. It will be all party type music and music you would expect to hear at a party.

We have all other genres of music too – but will only load this if you request it. But remember you are having a party. Not playing music in the privacy of your home and car. You may love Pink Floyd or Thrash Metal or Drum and Bass – but is that going to get your party swinging. You want people to dance, have some fun and mix. Its not about standing around appreciating the seriousness or importance of a particular track. However, much you may love it on all other occasions. You are having a party not entering a music quiz.

But if you want to, you don’t have to have a general mix, with this jukebox you can pick and choose what to load from our catalogue of music and/or add your own music (either by sending it to us ahead of delivery for us to load, or by connecting a USB stick or Ipod on the day).

You can see what is queued up, skip forward, skip back, pause the music – and hide these controls when you don’t want anyone to be using these controls. This is great for queueing up your first dance for a wedding and getting that killer track on when you and your friends are ready for it.

With this jukebox their is also an optional Karaoke Function and Photobooth Function.


Now the following jukeboxes have all the functionality of the Digital Touchscreen Americana as above but have a different look and versatility.

Astronaut Jukebox

Elvis Jukebox



jukebox In A Box


The next jukebox is our Digital Nostalgia Jukebox.

Digital Nostalgia Jukebox

This is the jukebox that we recommend for Corporate Events and the type of occasion when its more about the background music than having a full on dancing party.

This jukebox is pre-loaded with every Top 40 hit since 1952 and if you have the Video Version is also loaded with every UK pop video released since 1982.

This wealth of music is fantastic and is fine for an event where it is all about background music. If it doesn’t matter if someone chooses a 10 minute Pink Floyd track or deep an meaningful track by Bob Dylan, then this is the jukebox for you.

The next jukeboxes is our range of CD Jukeboxes.

Cd Americana

We would recommend these jukeboxes if a more retro-look is important and this is  more important to you than a wider range and supply of music and functionality.

These jukeboxes are limited to being loaded with 70 CD Discs. You can choose what to load from our catalogue and add your own.


Then we have our Vinyl Jukebox for hire.
This is all about the beautiful look, history and wow factor.

Limited to 50 records we do not recommend this jukebox to supply music for your party.

It is usually hired as a Prop for TV, Film and Stage Shows.


We hope this helps when making your choice.



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