What items to hire for a party, event, wedding or exhibition.

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We undertake over 400 hundred hires a year and have been doing so for 25 years.

We often get emails and telephone calls where potential customers are undecided as to what items to hire for their party, event, wedding or exhibition. It can be a tricky decision and one that has a number of factors to consider

Often, the most important thing to consider is your budget. This will dictate what items can be booked. Bigger items such as Pool Tables, Crazy Golf, Skeeballs, Dance Arcade Machines and Air Hockey Tables are the most expensive items to hire. They are heavy – take up space in the van – preventing that space to used for other hire customers that we can deliver to on the same journey. If your budget is tight and you want multiple items – consider smaller and lighter items such as Arcade Games, Pinballs and Giant Garden Games such as Connect 4 and Buzz Wires etc.

Consider the makeup of your clients and guests. Is it a mix of men and women, young and old or just one group of people that are generally the same? Without being too sexist or generalising too much, men love Pool Tables, The Boxing Arcade Punching Game – woman love Air Hockey, The Dance Arcade Machine and Magic Mirror Photobooths. Some games are popular with both men and women in equal amounts – such as Crazy Golf, Arcade Games and Pinballs.

Older customers may prefer 80s or 90s themed games and pinball machines. Younger people fall in love with pinballs, even if they have never seen or played one before. Air hockey can be played by young and old. Skeeball is also popular with all sexes and ages.

Consider the space you have available. Do you have space indoors and outdoors that you can use? All of our games and equipment can be used outdoors if kept dry under a gazebo or marquee. Our King Of Hammer, Crazy Golf, Giant Garden Games, Bowling Alley and outdoor pool table can be used outside with no cover,

How many people do you need to entertain? if you have a big number of people and the space available, our giant 22 player foosball table may be an option. It is 6m long and is great for getting people mixing and involved in the days games and fun.

Mix it up. When considering what items to hire, try and have a few different items that offer different aspects of play. An arcade game and pinball can be played by one individual on their own and doesn’t demand any other involvement or encouragement from other guests . Games such as our full size Speed Of Light Batak Game and Dance Arcade Machine can be played by one person – but is much more fun when played by two people and even more so if there is a crowd of people watching and encouraging the players.

Hope this helps – even if just a little, when you are deciding what items to hire for your party.

We are always happy to discuss your party hire requirements and help

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