Wedding 9 Hole Mini Crazy Golf hire for Weddings Receptions & Events – UK.

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We have for hire and rental a full size wedding themed crazy golf 9 hole course.

Wedding themed crazy golf course hire

Wedding themed crazy golf 9 hole course for rental

wedding themed crazy golf hire

It has a church with a working bell, a loop the loop diamond ring, love hearts, photoboards and even a car.

Wedding themed crazy golf mini 9 hole hire

Our mobile crazy mini golf courses are hired and rented for long term, short term, one day, one weekend and 24hr hires across the UK.

Hire a Wedding themed crazy golf course

Wedding Mini Golf hire receptions bride

Weding Mini Golf 9 holes crazy course hire

Ours are full size crazy golf courses. Our is the full size course you see at the Seaside and Holiday Parks etc.

It is great fun for all your guests at your wedding reception. Is good entertainment for young and old.

We hire many different styles of 9 hole crazy mini golf courses for weddings, events and parties. We deliver across the UK to people’s homes, hotels and exhibition centres.

Comes with balls, clubs and scorecards for when it gets serious.

Hire a Wedding themed crazy golf course

London, Midlands, Essex, Leicester, Warwick, Surrey

We also have a full size wedding themed crazy golf.:

Our wedding themed course has a church, diamond ring obstacle, Wedding car obstacle, love hearts cake etc,

This is a full size seaside style crazy golf course that we hire for short and long term hires and rentals. It includes various obstacles across the 9 holes, including a water hole and the classic Windmill hole. Yes the Windmill works,

We hire Crazy Golf courses for one day, weekend and weekly rentals.

Our crazy golf hire includes, balls, clubs, scorecards and a station case to hold all of the accessories.


These are proper crazy golf holes. (we see other events companies hiring pale imitations. Theirs is usually hit a golf ball around some pieces of wood lying on the ground – not crazy golf)

If space allows you can hire up to 9 holes. Each of them has a different challenge and look.

Crazy Golf suits all kinds of events.

For weddings – they are a great way of entertaining guests in the grounds of your venue during the earlier part of your wedding day and reception. its a great mixer and way to get people mingling and having fun.

If you are short of space just hire one or two holes.


We hire for one day. one weekend, short and long term.

For trade Shows the hire of just one crazy golf hole  is a great attraction to passing customers and a way of engaging them with your products and services. Set a challenge to get a hole in one – offer prizes and take customers contact details.

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Tel 01604 473101


Mobile 07973568331

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