Pinball Machine World Championships and Player Rankings

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Pinball is just great fun. There is something intrinsically enjoyable about playing pinball. It captures people of all ages and people who contrary to their own expectation get drawn in despite their initial disinterest.

It can also be a serious business though and there is a World Championships with hundreds of players taking part in tournaments around the world (primarily in the USA though) .

It is the International Flipper Pinball Associate that oversees the world rankings and their site can be found here:



Zach Sharpe from Chicago Illinois is the current World Champion.

Some years ago we hired a Pinball Machine to a gentleman who told us that he was a champion pinball player back in the sixties. I had no cause to doubt him and he did have some good moves on the pinball we hired him.

Here in the UK the current Pinball Machine Champion is Rich Mallett from Bristol.

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