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We undertake 400 Jukebox Hires a year. We are the biggest jukebox hire company in the UK for one night parties. We offer a wide range of Jukeboxes that no only look different – but we also offer Vinyl, Cd and Digital Jukeboxes.

Our Vinyl Jukebox includes the classic 1962 Ami Continental Jukebox as seen here:





Further details of which can be seen here.





Our CD Jukebox range includes the Cd Manhattan and Cd Americana Jukeboxes as seen here:

CD Digital Jukebox Hire London UK Birmingham Nottingham Manchester Surrey

CD Digital Jukebox Hire London UK Birmingham Nottingham Manchester Surrey













Our Digital Range Of Jukeboxes includes The Digital Nostalgia, Digital Americana, Elvis, Spaceman and Jukebox In A Box Jukeboxes.


Generally we recommend a Vinyl Jukebox as a prop rather than to provide music for an evening’s party. The reason for this is that the music on a vinyl jukebox is very limited. So is the functionality. The vinyl jukebox only holds 50 singles – so even if you include the B-Sides that is 100 songs. Our Ami Continental has been used in Tv Dramas, Pop Videos and Movies.

Cd Jukeboxes we recommend for hires where customers want more of a retro feel or are looking to provide some CDs of their own. Whilst a CD jukebox does not hold as much music as a Digital one – it does hold 70 CD Discs – so on average with 2-30 tracks per cd – there will be some 2000 songs available to choose.

However, you still have no search facility and lack many of the functions that a Digital Jukebox Offers. A Cd Jukebox however can be a good balance between requiring a retro look and some modernity to the functionality. We hire a lot of CD Jukeboxes for parties and shows that require that retro look, but doesn’t have to strictly a jukebox from that era – as long as it has the look. We often hire our CD Manhattan to Grease, Sister Act and 60s and 50s Parties etc.

Here is a video of our Manhattan CD Jukebox being used as a 50s prop on the X-Factor:

The best jukebox for a party where you require the best range of music, functionality and control is a Digital Jukebox. With these you can have 30,000 songs or so loaded, the baility to search for artists and tracks, skip forward and skip back controls and more.

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