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On all of our Jukeboxes a line out can be taken from any device and run through the amplifier on the Jukebox.

This then means that you can connect any device you like that has music loaded onto it and the ability to play through to headphones onto our jukeboxes. By and large this should be the same for all other Jukeboxes hired by other companies.

Be careful however, when you speak to other jukebox hire companies as they will often fail to tell you that this is only done by by-passing the music and software operation of the jukebox you have hired and you are in effect using the jukebox simply as an external amplifier to the device you wish to connect. The device is not truly connected to the Jukebox. So when they say you can connect your Ipod – ask them how it is done.

But with our Digital Touchscreen Americana, Elvis, Spaceman and Jukebox in a box you have true Ipod, Ipad, External Device, USB Memory Stick connectivity.

This then means that the software within the jukebox will actually read the memory of the device connected and add the music that is found there onto the screen of the jukebox. You then hide away the device in the back of the jukebox and select the music that is found on it via the screen on the jukebox. This music is sat alphabetically in amongst the music of ours that is already loaded onto the jukebox.

Now this is great but do consider what music you are about to add to the jukebox. if you connect something like an IPod – the jukebox will find all the music that is stored on it and add it to the music already loaded onto the jukebox, it won’t load just that favourite album that you are keen to add. it will also load all the other music that you have stored onto your ipod over time and maybe didn’t actually like or would never want to hear at this particular party or event.

usb-stick jukebox hire

usb-stick jukebox hire

The best option is to use a USB Memory Flash Drive Stick whenever possible. That way you have complete control over what you are adding to the jukebox.

Even better – if there is time. Send us the USB stick ahead of delivery and we will happily pre-load the music for you.

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