To Playlist or Not To Playlist

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The word playlist has come into common language but is often used incorrectly. A Playlist is not just a collection or supply of songs and music. A playlist is a set order of songs and is determined by a text file.

Playlists can be great at parties in short bursts, but  overlong playlists can ruin a party. Its better to let the people at the party to determine when certain songs get played and what follows what. A playlist is never going to know when your best friend who is mad on Madness or your mum who is Crazy about that Gnarls Barkley track are up on the floor and ready to strut their stuff.

Also when people put together playlists it can all get a bit serious. When you’re sober alone at your pc constructing it, you can overlook what a party vibe can do and overlook the cheesey classics that after a few beverages sound so much better and get everyone up and enjoying themselves.

That said – used sparingly and at particular times a playlist can be great.

With the software that we use on our Digital Americana, Jukebox In A Box, Spaceman and Elvis Jukeboxes, up to 9 playlists can be made. These can then be called up at anytime and either set to play from start to finish uninterrupted or can be used as what to default to when there is no other song pending in the queue.

A playlist can also be used a ‘non party’ times of your day. So often people will offer up a usb stick of easy listening or classical music that can be played during meals and the get together at the start of the day. This can be removed later in the day when you are ready to party and stops these songs being selected.

So in short keep playlists for the car, gym and runs out in the park. People make parties and people with jukeboxes make great parties.

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