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One of the most exciting projects we have been working on recently is to build a jukebox in the style of Elvis Presley. And by “In the style of” I mean that we build a jukebox into a full sized resin cast Elvis Presley Mannequin.

As some of you might know, we already have a life sized astronaut jukebox and he is really cool, people love him. The popularity of the SpaceMan got us thinking, a lot of people hire a jukebox for the iconic style, but then a lot of other people just want something to be a feature their party and provide some entertainment, and these people aren’t necessarily looking for that classic look that you get from a normal jukebox.

So we asked ourselves the question; If you wanted a jukebox that didn’t look like a jukebox, what would you want it to look like? The King of rock & roll seemed like an obvious answer.

We launched headlong into the build, finding a model in the right size, style & stance. Then finding the right amplifier, speakers, PC & screen to fit inside him.

It’s been a fairly long process, with a lot of trial & error. We’ve gone through a lot of coffee & done a lot of head scratching. We’ve had to think on our feet a lot and make a lot of the bespoke parts to house everything ourselves, making good use of the CNC routing services & 3D Printing services we have available to us.

But finally, we’re proud to introduce;  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend JukeBox

I know this isn’t the best picture and please excuse the mess of cables in between his legs. In the coming days we will be completing all of the finishing touches and uploading some better snaps.

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