Adding Music From a Streaming Service To Jukebox Hire

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On all of our Jukeboxes a line out can be taken from any device and run through the amplifier on the Jukebox.

This then means that you can connect any device you like that has music loaded onto it and the ability to play through to headphones onto our jukeboxes. If you then had Spotify , Deezer or Apple Music etc loaded onto that device you could play it through the Jukebox.

However, this music cannot be added properly to the jukebox – so that you can then select this music from the screen of the jukeboxes.You would always be operating the device in your hand and using the jukebox as an external amplifier.

With Streaming services you never own the music that you are hearing via Spotify, Deezer, Google Music Play etc. You only have permission to stream it for a certain period of time and or have it stored on the device to which you have registered with the provider. You are also limited to a certain number of tracks. On top of this also bear in mind that if you want to choose songs via streaming service on the night you have to be sure that you have a dependable internet connection or phone signal.

In short if you want to add music to your jukebox hire – stick with downloading the music or saving a Digital copy to a USB flash drive and this can then be copied to the jukebox.

Music streaming services have their place for providing a great way of listening to music around the home or car or in personal settings such as running etc,- but for parties, weddings and events they are very poor.

We have investigated internet streaming music jukeboxes as a potential idea with a view to hiring them – but in short they are very poor and unreliable for event hires. They are fine for fixed locations in pubs and clubs etc however and where it is not going to be a complete disaster if the streaming service connection is lost or intermittent. Maybe in the future when the whole country has a  solid 4G or 5G coverage and or internet this may be feasible and we will keep an eye on the future – as we always do.

The best option is to use a USB Memory Flash Drive Stick whenever possible. That way you have complete control over what you are adding to the jukebox. With our jukeboxes you can also connect an Ipod, Ipad and external hard drive.

usb-stick jukebox hire

usb-stick jukebox hire

Ipod Ipad Hard Drive Jukebox









Even better – if there is time. Send us the USB stick ahead of delivery and we will happily pre-load the music for you.

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