Sound Limiters at Venues – van the Jukebox volume be capped off?

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Our Jukeboxes will go as loud as you need. We provide jukeboxes for the biggest of corporate events and weddings with hundreds of people attending.

However, the Jukebox can also be set to as quiet as you require; either due to your personal preference or the venue’s requirements.

Some venues have sound issues and have to be careful not to upset local residents. They may even have a sound limiter fitted and these in turn can often be wired in to the power sockets / ring main of the room and these will turn off if the volume goes too loud.

It is something you should ask about when booking your venue.

Here is a discussion on a wedding web site where people relay their experiences of sound limitations and how it can make their evening entertainment a bit lousy

If this sound limitation needs to be met, we can cap off the upper limit of the jukebox. You will still have control over the volume – but will only be able to go between zero and what we cap it off at.

Once and a while we are asked how loud will the jukeboxes go? Occasionally this is because people don’t want it to go too loud – but more often than not it is because people are concerned that the jukebox might not go loud enough. or that it may  not be as loud as a DJ or Band etc.

In short the jukebox will go to whatever volume you want or require. You are in full control.

The jukeboxes have high end professional and commercial amplifiers within them and these are made to provide music to pubs, clubs and hotels. With the right setup the jukebox will go as loud as any band or DJ.

We hire to private homes, marquees at peoples houses, village halls, hotels, exhibition centres and more. As we drive round the country we note that after some 30 years and 400 hires a year we have delivered to just about every venue in the country.

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Tel 01604 473101


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