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On all of our jukeboxes you can skip forward to the next song if you are not keen on the current song that is being played. On the Digital Americana, Elvis, Spaceman and Jukebox In A Box Jukeboxes you can also Skip Back to a previously played track and Pause the Jukebox.

These controls are very handy – but we advise that they are used sparingly.

It can be very annoying if people are constantly skipping forward and backwards. It can ruin a party. Fortunately with our Jukeboxes you can key in a secret code and hide these controls so that they cannot be used. You can then key in another code to have them pop back if you want to use them.

We do advise that this code is kept a secret. If you tell one person they will tell another and eventually it will get revealed to that person who will drive you mad by skipping forward to tracks that they have chosen.

But its well to bear in mind that all of the songs that the jukebox is playing – unless its a  random song where no selection has been made – is a song chosen by someone at your party. If they are up and dancing our advice is to let it play out – even if its not one of your favourites. If people are up and dancing and having fun – leave well alone.

On the odd occasion people will choose the odd duff song – but if they are up and having  dance and a laugh – that duff song is doing it’s job. There;s plenty of time to get your songs on.


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