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Skeeball is great fun and a game of skill. Players against the clock bowl wooden balls up the ramp which then leap into the air and, if you are, lucky, or skillful, fall into various scoring areas.

This Skeeball was hired with some items for a wedding in Shrewsbury.

It was also hired with a full sized upright arcade game which is loaded with all the classic 80s games. Including Pac man, Space Invaders, etc.

It was also hired with an Arcade Basketball game and our Addams Family Pinball Machine

With a digital display and accompanying music the game is stylish and entertaining.

We hire full sized arcade Skeeball games – not flimsy poorly built versions as we have seen on other sites.


Skeeballs are also great for exhibition stands. Passing customers who otherwise wouldn’t stop can’t resist having a go. You can then get talking to them, take some details and make a sale.

The can also be branded up to your event. The one above was branded to the colours and logo of Dulux

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