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Silent Disco Jukebox Wireless Headphone hire.

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Worried about upsetting the neighbours?
Our Jukeboxes can be hired with a Silent Disco Function.
Silent Disco Jukebox Hire

Our jukeboxes can be hired with a silent disco setup. Inclusive of wireless headphones and a 3 channel output.

Hired for events, parties and weddings across the UK

Hire 25, 50, 75, 100 or more sets of silent disco headphones from us. Either with or without a jukebox.

The Silent Disco setup provides 3 channels / sources of music. The Jukebox will be on one channel. The other two channels can be taken by your music sources such as an Ipod, laptop or Phone etc or you can have us provide music for these additional two channels. We can provide a mix of pop, rock, classical, country, rap, R&B etc for these channels in addition to the massive collection of music on the jukebox..

Use and choose the music on the jukebox as normal.

Hear the jukebox as normal, Turn it up or go silent when it suits you, You are in control.

Why hire a Silent Disco add on function with your jukebox hire?

  • It’s good fun
  • Have three sources of music to listen to – the jukebox music and two additional ones
  • Don’t fall out with your neighbours. Party on later and louder. You can still have the jukebox playing outside of the headphones. Earlier in the day have the jukebox as loud as it suits you – then if you wish, turn it down later in the evening / early hours and make use of the wireless headphones.

Just hiring a silent disco setup on its own gives no consideration to the most important thing : THE MUSIC. Other Silent Disco providers do not give any great thought to how you may play your music at your event. Simply connecting an Ipod or Laptop or Spotify etc as the main source of party music is rubbish. You cant queue and choose songs ad hoc as the night progresses – you will be forever skipping and jumping songs or at best will have to listen to a set list of playlist songs.

As the occupier of the two additional channels an Ipod or Phone or Spotify or Laptop is absolutely fine – dip in and out of these additional sources of music via a switch on your headphones as and when it suits you. The jukebox as the main source of music will be the most popular and used source of music on the silent disco setup, but you can also dip in and out of this as it suits you.

Avoid complete silence.

If you are at a silent disco party, it can be a bit weird if you are not wearing any headphones or have yours switched off for a time. Because of the complete silence, you get no sense of a party vibe and a feel for what people are dancing to. With a Jukebox Silent Disco you can still listen to the music coming out of the jukebox at a low but audible volume and still feel part of the event. Also, you will then hear when one of your favourite songs comes on and you can grab a pair of headphones or turn yours on and get back on the dance floor.

If you have any concerns about the volume of your party – consider a Silent Disco addition to your hire

silent disco jukebox hire

We provide games and jukeboxes and pinballs etc to big and small businesses every year for short term rentals.

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