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All of the equipment we hire is in full working order. So all the jukeboxes produce sound, but we very often get booked to deliver and hire jukeboxes to photoshoots, movies and stage shows here they are used just as Props and not to be heard.

Don’t go hiring cardboard cutouts or “Micky Mouse” props – Have the real thing for that authentic feel. The camera never lies and people can see where fake items have been used.

As well as jukeboxes we also offer, pinballs with a 50s prop theme such as Elvis and Creatures Of The Black Lagoon.

Elvis Presley Pinball Machine Hire

Elvis Presley Pinball Machine Hire

Creatures of black lagoon pinball machine hire one night day party

Creatures of black lagoon pinball machine hire one night day party













We have a Full Sized Elvis Jukebox which can be used as a Prop.

We have a propper 50s Diner Seating Booth and chairs and Bench as below.

We have the classic 50s Prop of a jukebox selector. This is the genuine thing. Metal And Chrome finished. A beautiful prop

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