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We hire full sized slate bed Pool tables for Commercial Businesses.

We hire Pool Tables on Long term rentals and for short term one day, one week, one month etc for parties and exhibitions.

We hire to pubs and clubs

We also have lots of pool tables out on permanent rental at Businesses, Offices, Warehouses, Canteens, Colleges and Schools.

The below article caught our eye and is copied from an original in Business Matters Magazine and the original of can be seen by clicking on the logo below.

business office canteen pool table hire

business office canteen pool table hire

A pool table in the workplace? Does that concept sound too far out for you?

While most business owners would frown upon a game of pool during the work day, the truth is that a game of pool offers a chance to break from the stress of the workday as well as improve morale and productivity.

Here are five reasons why you should think about including a pool table at your office.

1 Create a Competitive Environment for Your Employees

Creating a healthy, competitive environment in your workplace will encourage the go-getter in your employees and bring out their competitive nature. A game of pool does just that. Organize a round-robin tournament for your staff and get everyone involved. Set a prize for the winner and encourage healthy competition to take home the title of the office pool champion.

Employees that are taught to be competitive have an extra edge over their peers. Competition inspires self-confidence and belief in one’s actions and skill-set. Win or lose, the result doesn’t matter because it’s as essential to learn to fail or lose as it is to win.

2 Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

The key to a happy and productive workforce is to improve morale in the office. The best way of achieving this is by introducing a bit of fun. Employees want to know that they are wanted at work and theta their skills and service are valued by the company. That’s why large companies like Google do more for their employees in the way of fun, health, and nutrition.

You can create the same effect without spending thousands of dollars on your overhead. Purchasing a staff pool table so everyone can have a drink and a game of pool on a Friday evening will have your staff happy with their careers. It wouldn’t hurt if the boss joined them for a game either.

3 A Game of Pool Fosters Strategic Thinking

A game of pool is all about strategy. Every shot you make needs to be carefully planned and executed to roll through to the next shot. Learning the angles and mastering the shot requires discipline and dedication. These are great values to instill in your employees, plus it’s a lot of fun as well! Create two-player preside tournaments to create planning and encourage strategic thinking with team partners. Fostering this sort of strategy gaming will spill over into the workplace and enhance planning and strategy sessions.

4 Set the Tone for New Recruits

If you manage to plan a well-thought-out office space, then you will attract the very best talent to your company. Setting a good impression with the recruits will result in hiring employees that are loyal to your firm and enjoy coming to work. If prospective employees glance into a pool room on their tour of the facilities, it gives them the impression that the company has a friendly, entertaining side to it that makes it feel authentic and human.

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