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We hire Full Size Slate bed pool tables, Outdoor Pool Tables, Slate Bed pool tables, MDF pool tables, Circular Pool Tables and Octagon Shaped Pool tables.

We deliver all over the country. We hire Pool tables for one night, one day, one weekend, one week, a fortnight, monthly and long term. You get the idea.

On occasion when quoting for a Pool Table hire  prospective customers are surprised at the price and expected a cheaper quotation.



Pool tables are not cheap to hire for Parties and Events.

The reason for this is due to a number of things.

  1. A Pool Table is big an heavy. (This means that they require two people to deliver them, take up a lot of room in the van, so limit the umber of other jobs that can be done on the same run and use up a lot of time and diesel in respect of the delivery.
  2. Pool Table cloths are not cheap or quick to change. After a party, the pool table baize cloth and often the cushions will need replacing. This in itself costs around the £150.00 mark at the very least.
  3. Cues, balls and chalk etc will often be unusable for a subsequent hire.

We also offer a rebranding service. The Pool Table Cloth can be endorsed with a business logo, message, graphics and this can be on a range of colours. This is a not a cheap option.

London Pool Table Hire One Night Party

London Pool Table Hire One Night Party

The reason for this is:

  1. The new cloth will have to be designed and submitted to the printers,
  2. The cost of the pool table cloth will have to be paid to the printers.
  3. The original cloth (the standard green baize cloth) will have to be removed and this cannot be reused – this is then thrown away.
  4. The new cloth and cushions will then be put on the table.
  5. Upon the return of the table, the branded cloth and cushions will be removed and the table will be recovered with a standard green pool table baize.

We hope this helps in explaining why a Pool table hire can be an unexpected expense.

That said pool tables are always a hit at Corporate Events, Weddings and Parties and if your budget runs to it, are a great idea to hire for your party.

We set up the Pool Table the previous day for the client and were there a few days later to collect the Pool Table after their event was finished in the evening.

USA American Sized Pool Table Hire Parties Weddings One Day Night Corporate UK

USA American Sized Pool Table Hire Parties Weddings One Day Night Corporate UK

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