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We have been hiring arcade games, foosball tables, pinballs, Air Hockeys and pool tables and jukeboxes and much more for 25yrs.

We hire for events and weddings and parties and we also offer long term rentals to pubs, clubs, shops, businesses and home man caves pubs and bars.

Over the last 10 yrs or so we have seen an increase in the popularity of man cave home pub and bar rentals.

Man Cave Games Rentals Home

We offer short term and long term home Man Cave Pub & Bar Game Rentals.

If you want an arcade game or a pub pool table, a pinball, an air hockey table, a shuffleboard  or a jukebox Рjust for the weekend we can help.

We also hire for periods of 1 month, 3 months – yearly etc – whatever period suits you.

On longer term rentals we also offer a swap and exchange service.

From speaking with customers, we know that some man cave owners who want to rent and hire games from us are concerned that they may get bored of a particular game and may want to try something new after a time.  That is ok.

So you may wish to begin your rental with a Pool Table – then say after a time swap this out for an arcade game. We can then, following on from this, swap for a pinball or an air hockey table – etc….

We take care of all the maintenance and will call in a fix or swap out your hired item if a fault develops, We recover pool tables and keep your hired game in full working order.

We only hire full size – professional – proper games.

An embrassing  mini arcade game on hire

Part of the appeal of hiring an Arcade Game such as Pac Man, Street Fighter, Space Invaders, Defender etc is that it not only plays the game – but that it looks correct. When the games were released during the 80s and 90s the cabinets had a particular design and look for each game.

Hire from us if you want quality Arcade Games.

We hire Pinball Machines, Shuffleboards, Pac Man, Streetfighter, Asteroids Arcade Games, Pool Tables – both 6ft by 3ft and 7ft by 4ft, jukeboxes, Table Foosball Football Tables, Pinball Machines, Beer Pong, Ping Pong Table Tennis tables amd

We are always happy to discuss your man cave hire requirements on the phone.

Interested in hiring with us? Please contact us below


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