Magic Mirror How To Change / Fix Paper & Ink Roll Run Out and Jams

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Here is some useful How To information and videos for the Magic Mirrors that we hire.

You shouldn’t need any of it – but handy if you do.

Every Magic Mirror hire is delivered with more than enough prints available for any hire – but if something should happen and the paper and or ink roll needs swapping – here is how to do it.

It can sometimes help to see another video on how things are done – just for clarity – so here are other videos uploaded to Youtube by people and companies other than ourselves performing the same task.

On the one below – skip forward to 2 m 40 sec in the video to see the guy changing the paper and ink roll

These printers are built for reliability and ease of use.
If you have a paper tear or jam you do not have to change the rolls – they can just be wound to a useable area – please see the video below – skip to 3 min 15 sec to see this in the video

One last video

It really is an easy task to change the ink or paper and it is unlikely that you would need to do it. But as we hire our Magic Mirrors for the full day – not just a few hours like most – it is handy to have these videos should you need them.

Also – in any event – your photos are not lost if the printer stops printing. Once the Magic Mirror is back with us – we upload all the taken photos to a secure webpage and send you the link to share with your friends and family. You can then print them from home.

Also – if needed, we can re-print the photos once the Magic Mirror is back with us.

So if the worst happens your photos and prints are always safe..

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