Jukebox Music. When is Enough, well err…Enough?

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Ultimately it is your choice how much music you have loaded onto your jukebox. That’s why hiring a jukebox is so great. You are in control.

That said have a think about it and give consideration to whether more is always better and which jukebox hire suits your event and type of party the best.

In terms of the music there are basically two types of jukebox to hire and we offer both. You can choose something like a Digital Nostalgia where every top 40 hit since 1952 is loaded or something like a Digital Americana where the music has been tailored for parties.

The Digital Nostalgia we believe better suits hires like corporate events, rather than full on dancing parties. It has a catalogue of music that covers just about every genre you could ever wish to see and will have something even for the most seriously ardent music fan. Want Pink Floyd, not a problem. Want Thrash Metal, not a problem. Want Jazz, not a problem. Want Disney and Stage Show music, not a problem. This is absolutely fine for events where the Jukebox is being used for background music. It will keep every guest happy and they will all find something that they like. But for a dancing party it’s not so great. Now I love Pink Floyd – really love them, but it would be the last thing I would want to hear at a wedding, birthday or house party etc. We would all be stood there for 10 minutes whilst the song gets going and then put on a downer as the song reminds us of our mental fragility. No. At a party I want to hear party music. I’m there to have a good time, not demonstrate my music knowledge. Keep that for a beer down the pub, or in the car.

Have a think about the music that has been in the charts since 1952 – do you really want to hear not just the great tracks, but also all more obscure or non-party music?

The music on the Digital Nostalgia at the time of writing is some 40,000 songs. We can actually load far more than this onto our Digital Americana’s – but unless we are asked to by the customer, we don’t.

If you give us no instruction in terms of the music, a Digital Americana will be loaded with some 30,000 songs covering the 1950s to modern day and it will all be party type music that you will know and will get your party in full swing. That said, you can pick and choose what is loaded. Don’t want any 50s – just want modern music that’s fine. Having a 60s party and just want this decade of music – that’s fine. You get the idea. You can even go on our website and pick and choose just the albums you want loaded.

If I am honest, I wish we only ever hired Digital Nostalgia’s and various models of this jukebox. Our working life would be that much easier. We wouldn’t have to think about the music – we would just shove every jukebox out with the same all encompassing supply of music. But we want you to have a great time at your party and want you to use us again in the future for more celebrations and significant parties in your future. We don’t want to hear that you were forever on and off with the reject button as people selected songs that were not in keeping with having fun at a party.

That said it is your choice. That’s the fantastic thing about hiring jukeboxes. You are in control.


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