Jukebox or DJ ?

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Jukebox Or DJ?
Why should I hire a jukebox and not a DJ?

Jukeboxes look great and do what they are told.

All the feedback we get back are that customers have a far more successful party than they have experienced in the past when using a DJ. We have customers whose ‘party milestones’ we have had the pleasure in being a part of for a decade or more. We provide jukeboxes for their weddings, house parties, work dos, theirs and their children’s birthday parties and more. We really don’t like to be critical of every DJ; there are some very good DJs on the hire circuit, but there are all too many that are not and these dumb down the profession.

Being a DJ is one of those professions that lots of people think they can be and that it’s an easy way to supplement an income. But a laptop and a set of speakers does not a DJ make. Being a DJ takes real skill, music knowledge and a sense of fun.

A good DJ with something of a reputation can easily charge £500.00 for a night’s work.  A DJ with any sort of following and one that can pick and choose his or her clients will be charging something between this and £1,000.00.  If you do manage to find a DJ who charges £250.00 for a night’s work and is then seen lifting all of his or her kit out of an old estate Volvo – beware. To be fair they might be great – but I would be worried.

I think for many people, choosing a DJ is kind of the safe option. You’re not taking any responsibility for the evening’s entertainment and if it is all a bit boring and a damp squib, all criticism will be focused on the person with the laptop and his or her partner who have sat there all night keeping them company. This I find strange. Especially for a wedding. Brides and Grooms spend a lot of time and a lot of money planning a great day. All aspects of the day from, place settings to decor are meticulously thought about. But then come the evening, everything is handed over to a complete stranger who has had a vague recommendation from someone who went to a party some time back. Fingers are crossed and requests are made and hoped to be heard/

Now a great bunch of friends and family will more often than not have a party and be up and dancing whatever the qualities of the DJ. And if you strike gold and get a good one, all the better. But sometimes a poor DJ can stifle all but the best attempts of even the most ardent party animal to get up and keep that party atmosphere going.

A Jukebox is sort of an endorsement of your friends and family. That’s a bit deep I know – but stick with me for a moment. If you think all or most of your friends and family have no party spirit and  can be a bit boring. Then a Jukebox probably isn’t for you. You will need the babysitter DJ to get through the evening. But if you have friends and family who have a track record of being fun party people, then a Jukebox is absolutely the way to go. They will be choosing all the music that they know and love and will be up and dancing and having fun – far more than they ever would with a DJ. Yes they will on occasion be choosing some tosh and cringe-worthy cheesey classics – but they will be their tosh and cringe-worthy cheesey classics and will be up and dancing to prove it.

A Jukebox will not take itself too seriously, will not refuse requests, will not start looking at its watch halfway through the night, judge your dancing or need feeding. What it will do is: look great, go as loud or as quiet as you determine or are allowed to, play what you want to hear, get people together both at the jukebox choosing songs and on the dance floor and will keep partying as long as you do.

How do we know all of this about JukeBoxes? We are the UK’s biggest JukeBox hire company, we’ve been hiring JukeBoxes for almost 20 years and complete over 400 hires a year including weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. We have the biggest range and and the best service.

So, if you’re interested in having a great night, with a jukebox hired from us, fill out the form below of visit JukeBox45s.co.uk