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If it’s all about the functionality and music for you and you don’t necessarily need a full sized Jukebox then this may be for you. It’s also a cheaper option if you’re on a budget for your jukebox hire and is a lot easier to get delivered if there is an issue with trying to get a full sized jukebox into situ at your venue (might be up an awkward flight of stairs etc – or abroad etc) .

This is our fantastic Jukebox In A Box.

Its uses exactly the same software as used in the bigger full sized jukeboxes and has all the same functionality. You can still pick and choose the music that is loaded from our catalogue of albums, add and mix with your own music, connect usb sticks and Ipods etc.

The touchscreen on the jukebox in a box is actually bigger than is used in all the full sized jukeboxes.

There are built in speakers and you can connect to bigger external speakers of your own if you wish and/or take a line out to an external sound system.

It has it’s own WOW factor and is hired to Weddings, House Parties, Corporate Events, House Parties and more.

These are couriered out using FEDEX. These are sent usually a number of days before your party date. This gives you time to have a play and get setup for your event. The Jukebox In a Box is easily put on the back seat of a car and gives you the opportunity to say have it delivered to your home and then take it on to your party. This can be great for those have parties in far flung locations and even abroad. We do also however, courier them directly to venues. Fedex are then booked to collect on the first working day of your return or after your party.

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