How delivery and collection is organised for Event & Party Hires

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This blog post might not be the most exciting but we just wanted to write a few words on how we arrange the deliveries and collections.

We undertake over 400 hundred hires a year and have been doing so for 20 years.

In an ideal world the 400 hires would be spread evenly over the year. But sadly this isn’t how they fall through the year. Generally our busiest period is form about April through to December. This then means that we can of a weekend be delivering 12 to 15 hires a week.

In turn this means that it is all but impossible or us to deliver all the Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, Photobooths, Pinballs, Table Footballs etc all on one day (usually Saturday is our busiest day).

Also, from experience, we believe that, if at all possible it is best to have your party hire items delivered the day before or at the latest on the morning of your party. Of course this is not always possible and venues simply may not have the space available to hold the items for a day or may have another booking on the previous day that stops this.

If items are delivered in good time it is a lot more relaxed for everyone. Customers are not in the middle of their party or event entertaining guests and family, the traffic on the roads can do its worst and not cause any issues, even acts of God can be overcome. it also gives customers time to have a play and feel comfortable with whatever it is that has been hired.

That said we will and do deliver at all times of the day. But it really is no fun to have us turning up in our scruffs, sack barrows and trolleys as your are looking grand in your party outfits and clock watching with an imminent start to your party.

We begin to arrange our deliveries on the Tuesday before the weekends hires. We telephone all the venues and customers and arrange what is primarily convenient for them and secondly hopefully for us. If you’re have an event in a marquee we will check when this is going up (and coming down), if its in a hotel or village hall etc we will enquire if the day before is free for us to deliver. Over the years we have delivered to most of the country’s venues and very often we are familiar to them.

Given the choice we will at the earliest arrange the collect on the following morning of your party or event. Very often we will even collect on the next Monday after the weekend’s hire. We can and do, when we have to, collect at the very end of your event say at 11pm or 12am or in the early hours of the night. But this is always pretty miserable and should be avoided whenever feasible. It always entails us hovering around in the vicinity of your venue with a wish to get on with the job and off home.

We are not party poopers and love to see people having a great time. We will always let the party peter out rather than interrupt it. But if we have have been asked to be there at the request of a venue in the early hours, I would be lying if, we were not then keen to crack on at that time and get away.

So, if and when you discuss your party arrangements with your venue, let them know that if at all possible, you would prefer to have your party items delivered the day before and collected the day after. This will then give us a little bit more leeway when we ring them on the Tuesday before your party date to arrange the delivery for you.

Then we can work towards making your party setup and collection relaxed and enjoyable.

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