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Elvis Digital JukeBox Hire

So as you might have seen before if you follow our blog, we have been working on an Elvis JukeBox for a while. We have a Spaceman Digital JukeBox and people love him because he’s so different, we wanted to create something new along these lines.

Elvis is a life-sized resin cast model with all of the parts of the jukebox build into him. He has all the functionality of our Digital Americana JukeBoxes, JukeBox In A Box & Spaceman JukeBox with a few added extras.

Using the 14 inch touch screen display in his arms, you can select a song from our 1400+ album library. You can choose to have Elvis with a photobooth mode and get some awesome selfies with him (just don’t step on his blue suede shoes, he gets really funny about that). You can do karaoke with Elvis too, we can send him with 2 retro style microphones   and obviously the karaoke software contains all of his favorite songs.

As with all of our jukeboxes, he does have in-built speakers but if you want a bit of extra volume he can be supplied with additional speakers.

And finally, as a special feature just for Elvis. If you leave him unattended for a while, an Elvis screensaver will start, showing cool pictures and interesting facts about his life and career and in between songs you can hear him saying famous quotes and catchphrases. Both of these features can be disabled at request.

Elvis is now available to hire for weddings, parties & corporate events. He can be rented for long term events or one day and single night parties.

Interested in having Elvis at your party or event? Contact us today for a quote.

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