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The software on our Digital Americana’s, Spaceman, Elvis and Jukebox In A Box Touchscreen Jukeboxes is different to our Digital Nostalgia jukeboxes. This post is not concerned with the music catalogue on the jukeboxes – that can be found on another post which can be found here.

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This post is about how the software is setup for browsing and choosing songs.

On both jukeboxes there is an on board keyboard search facility and this is absolutely fine on both jukeboxes. You can search for songs and artists. The Digital Nostalgia also has a neat additional date search whereby you can input a date and see the Top 40 for that date. It’s not something you would use over and over again but it does have a novelty factor, if you want to look up the Top 40 for when you were born etc. By way of a bit of fun – you can also do this on the Official Charts Website here: 

The main difference is that the Americana has a much better browsing function. Do you remember how jukeboxes used to be in pubs? You’d press a button and page through the album artwork and song lists for each album and delve through to find a song that caught your taste and mood. Well this is much the same on the Americana, albeit a digitalised version.

This is a much better way of looking for music.

With the Digital Nostalgia you are constantly having to think of songs to play. This is fine if you have the music knowledge of Paul Gambacini and are sober. But you wait til the party gets going and you’ve had a few drinks. You suddenly forget about all those great songs you were going to choose and can think of about three songs. If you do hire a Nostalgia I recommend that you write down a few songs on a piece of paper ahead of your party.

With the Americana, you simply scroll left and right through the tens of thousands of songs that are all conveniently set in their original albums and pick and choose what you want. No need to be a memory man or woman and no need to be fully compos mentis.

Have a drink and enjoy yourself.


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