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The Digital Americana Touchscreen JukeBox is our flagship jukebox and you won’t find one anywhere else. It has the classic jukebox style but with the modern twist of a digital touchscreen Jukebox.

The Specification is:
• Unlimited amount of music, chose from our 1300+ albums ranging from 1950’s to the current charts
• Add your own music option
• Connect an iPod option
• Connect a USB stick option
• Create a playlist function
• Karaoke option
• PhotoBooth option
• Line out
• Height: 1830mm
• Width: 900mm
• Depth: 700mm
• Weight: 200KG

This is the Jukebox we recommend to hire for Weddings and Birthday Parties etc. With the Digital Touchscreen Americana you can let us provide a range of some 30,000 songs covering the 1950s to date or you can pick and choose what is loaded from our catalogue of 1,300 albums. Or you can just specify the decades or genre of music you would like loaded and we will do the rest. So if your’e having a 1950s, 60s,70s,80s 90s or 2000’s party we can load just that music for you.

Other themes we cater for are Rock N Roll / Grease themed parties.Rock parties, Disco Parties, Reggae, Techno and Motown etc parties.

With the Digital Touchscreen Americana Jukebox you can also add your own music. This can be sent to us ahead of the hire and we will pre-load it for you. Or and on the night you can connect an Ipod or Usb Stick and the jukebox will read that device and add he music that is on it, to what is already loaded on the jukebox, You will then choose this music at the jukebox screen, just like all the other pre-loaded music.

Also with the Digital Americana Touchscreen jukebox you can create up to 9 Playlists. These can the be set to play from start to finish at any time. or you can have the playlist defaulted to if no other song is pending in the queue. See our blog on Playlists here

As an optional extra, when you hire a Digital Americana Jukebox from us you can also have a Photobooth function built in. Then at the push of a button you and your guests and friends and family can take pictures and videos whilst stood at the jukebox. (the music still plays ((we always get asked that)). We will then send a link for the videos and pictures to you after the party and you can share this with as many people as you wish.

A free optional extra is Karaoke. We can hire the jukebox for your party with thousands of karaoke songs and twin wireless microphones. The you can select karaoke tracks just as you would a normal song, see the words appear on the scree and then sing along. This is not provided as standard and must be requested.

The music on our Digital Americana is kept bang up to date. So you have all the music you would ever want from the previous decades and the current chart hits.

Let us know about your party requirements.
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Our Website is here:



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