Digital Nostalgia Top 40 Touchscreen Jukebox Hire to Twickenham

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We deliver a range of jukeboxes all over the country.

One of our more popular Jukeboxes for corporate events and parties is our Digital Nostalgia. This jukebox is pre-loaded with every top 40 hit since 1952. this then means that everyone at the office will find music that they love.

We regularly deliver to a Housing Association in Twickenham. The staff continually ask for us to re-attend on various events that they are holding – such is the popularity of the jukebox.

We hire a range of jukeboxes. Including Vinyl, CD, Touchscreen and Video Jukeboxes.

One of the Digital Touchscreen Jukeboxes that we hire is called a Digital Nostalgia Jukebox.

Digital Nostalgia Jukebox Hire

Digital Nostalgia Jukebox Hire

This has the classic bubbler dometop styling and is often called a Wurlitzer style jukebox. In actual fact the first jukebox company that came up with this design of jukebox was Seeburg. It is solid built and bubbles go up the legs and over the arch.

The Digital Nostalgia is made by the UK based company Sound Leisure

Digital Nostalgia Sound Leisure Jukebox Hire

Digital Nostalgia Sound Leisure Jukebox Hire

The Digital Nostalgia is loaded with every top 40 hit since 1952 plus a wealth of music on top of this. The software is is category based with selections made down the lft hand side from choices such as 50s,60s,70s etc and Rock, Pop.

digital nostalgia jukebox hire

digital nostalgia jukebox hire

Searches can also be typed in using the on screen keyboard and particular songs and artists can be found.

There is also a date function where a date can be entered and the top 40 from this date is then shown. So very often people search for the Top 40 when they were born or married.

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