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We hire Pool Tables throughout the UK. We hire standard pool tables for events, weddings and shows. We also hire pool tables that light up.

These two pool tables were hired for an Awards Party in Battersea London. These can be set to solid colours, or flashing and even sound reactive. So when the ball hits a cushion or another pool ball, the lights flash.

These are great fun and have a big WOW factor for parties, weddings, corporate events and trade shows.

Connect your Phone to the Pool table and play music through the in-built speakers.

These are great fun at weddings, parties and events when the Pool table is set away from the main party area. People can play a few games of pool, connect their phones and have some music.

We hire full sized 7ft by 4ft pub style slate bed pool tables and smaller 6ft by 3ft pool tables where space is an issue, for weddings and parties across the UK.

The Pool Balls – one or many, can be branded with a message or logo.

The Pool table baize / cloth can be printed with corporate colours, Business logos and photos of people for parties and weddings.

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Tel 01604 473101


Mobile 07973568331

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