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We have a beautiful original 1960s Williams Beatle Pinball Machine for hire and rental.

Truly stunning – would make a great addition anyone celebrating a 60s event – or corporate or personal birthday.

As well as classic pinballs such as Kiss, Creatures Of The Black Lagoon, Elvis, Tommy and Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Rocky, Muhammad Ali and Rolling Stones just to mention a few we also have for hire the iconic Addams Family Pinball Machine.

Doing some research there are various accounts of the history of this pinball. But piecing it all together it would seem that in and around 1967 Williams the manufacturer decided that they would take it upon themselves to make a Beatles pinball. So the backglass we have here on the pinball was the intended original. But then having already begun to make them – they found that The Beatles were not prepared to agree to the licence. Williams then decided ok we will change the artwork.

Our Beatles Pinball Machine can be hired long term, short term for one night, one day or just a few days.

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