Jukebox Bingo

Jukebox Bingo

Bingo continues to be one of the most enduring games around. According to Gambling Insider, Bingo halls still attract around 800,000 visitors on a weekly basis. This crowd isn’t just limited to the elderly, as is commonly believed. Each year sees members of the younger population joining the ranks of Bingo players.

The statistic doesn’t even factor in online players. While the figures are harder to track compared to those who visit the halls on a yearly basis, the BBC reports that there are about 350 Bingo sites operating in the UK. It was mentioned that players don’t visit these portals just for the games either; their social aspect is a key component of online play. Many of them feature chat rooms, where players can interact with each other. Furthermore, some have branched out even further by entering the mobile community. One case in point, is via Foxy Bingo and its Google Play app, which engages hundred of thousands of Android users that can easily access the virtual versions of the classic game. Its massive and active community serves as a testament that Bingo, as well as online gaming in general, continues to be a big hit especially in the UK with Foxy’s growing community revered among the Bingo world.

But digitisation is far from the only innovation that the iconic game has gone through. One of the reasons for its enduring popularity is that it has managed to evolve and adapt to the changing times and interests of players. Analysis by GeekWeek found that online gaming sites have developed their own variations of Bingo. However, digital platforms aren’t the only ones that have adapted the game to come up with something new. A perfect example of this is Jukebox Bingo.

Jukebox Bingo is essentially Bingo and “Name That Tune” rolled into one. Instead of an announcer proclaiming numbers like in traditional Bingo, sound bites of known songs are played instead. As such, players need to be well versed with the songs in order to stand a chance of winning. However, being musically savvy is not just the only factor that needs to be considered for a person to win the game. Similar to classic Bingo, players will need to complete pre-determined patterns before they can be declared victors.

The fun and quirkiness offered by Jukebox Bingo has made this game a huge hit among players. Commercial events dedicated to playing the game have been held across the UK as well as in the States. Similarly, it has also served as a fun option for those who are looking to provide some entertainment during house parties.

The beauty of Jukebox Bingo is it is customisable. You have the freedom to determine what songs will be included. Event organisers who want to try out this game can tweak the game to suit the interests of players. They can change the genre of the songs reflected on the cards to reflect the favourite songs of the players. They can also feature a particular era of music. For instance, seniors set to play Jukebox Bingo will appreciate having songs from their heyday appearing on the cards.