50s Table Top Jukebox Selector and Diner Booth To Hire

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We have a range of full sized floor standing jukeboxes to suit any theme, event, party or occasion.

We also have available the classic 50s Retro Diner Table Top Jukebox Selectors.



We have available currently 18 and potentially many more Jukebox Selectors available .

These are the classic table top music selectors that you would have traditionally seen in American Diners.

These can be used working or will make a great ornament to dress a 50s themed event.

The selector shows 50 cards with an A and a B side song – so 100 songs.

Each has a coin deposit chute / mechanism to achieve a credit (set to take 20 pences) or can be set to constant free play.

These are a quality item. Cast in metal and then chromed they have a great weighty and solid feel to them. The also light up.

The surround of the jukebox units is made of metal which has been chromed and polished to a reflective finish. The feel is of quality, sturdyness, weight and style.

Here is a link to the item on Soundleisures website: https://soundleisure.com/classic-jukeboxes/jukeboxes/dime-box-remote-selectors

We also have a 50s Table and bench seats available. The music unit/ player can be put inside the bench seats and people can sit and make music selections.



We also have a number of classic fifties diner items such as milkshake glasses, Napkin holders and sugar holders. This will give the overall look a retro rock n roll roadside 50s diner feel.

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To see some videos of various items click here http://www.youtube.com/user/jukeboxhire/videos