22 Player Extra Very Long Giant Foosball / Football Table Hire

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We hire standard professional size foosball tables and giant size tables as seen here. These extra long football tables can be played by as many as 22 players.


The table played by 22 players (eleven foosball players either side) is just over 6 metres long.

However, if you require a shorter version, the middle section can be removed which reduces the length of the giant foosball table to just over 4 metres. This is then played by 14 table football players (7 either side)

Everyone enjoys a game of Table Foosball.

Extra Long 22 player Foosball table hire party event uk

Giant Long Table Football Hire UK

This giant table football game is a great leveller and can be played by Expert and Novice Players, Young and Old Players and Men and Women alike.

Players can join and leave as spaces allow,. Not all positions on the table football have to be occupied. This game can be payed by just two energetic players.

When the game starts – mulitple balls are dropped into the table football playfield and the excitement begins.. Balls fly up and down the extra long table football and everyone is kept busy. As goals are scored and balls dissapear the tension grows.

This extra long giant foosball table has a massive wow factor. Great for parties and event.s

We hire Table Footballs for Long Term and just a few days.

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