2020 Wedding Trend / Popularity / Palindrome (sort of)

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As I write this we are in June 2019. However, for sometime now I have been noticing that a lot of enquiries are coming in for bookings for next year ; which of course is 2020.

We do usually get bookings for Jukebox Hires and Games and Magic Mirrors a year or two ahead, but this level of bookings for a year ahead, is over and above the numbers for future bookings that I would normally expect.

I have asked other companies involved in wedding organisation, venues and providers of wedding party items to hire and they have all responded that they are seeing the same, but can’t definitively say why.

We generally guess that it is because of the mirror / palindrome nature of the date 2020 (although I am aware that strictly speaking it isn’t). Does the 20 and the 20 represent the joining of a couple at a wedding?

I have had a scour of the internet and I can’t find any reference to this possibility.

I wonder if it is simply that people who have planned a wedding in the future – say from a few years back, have, just because it feels like a nice round number, 2020 as the date for their wedding. “Yes let’s get married – in 2020”

I would very interested for anyone’s comments and thoughts in this respect.

This update is written on 29.09.19 and we are still seeing an unprecedented number of bookings for next year, I spoke with a venue yesterday and they reported that they have already booked foir 2020 more events and weddings than they have had booked for th e whole of 2019. I also hear reports of brides and grooms being unable to secure 2020 venue dates,

Anyway we are having a busy year this year with every month beating the corresponding month from a year ago (which takes some doing after 20 years or so) . But it looks like 2020 is going to be particularly busy.

Our most Popular jukebox and we think the best for a wedding is our Digital Americana Jukebox. With this jukebox you can pick and choose what is loaded and/or add your own music, This can be sent to us ahead of delivery or you can add a usb stick or ipod on the day of hire.

The Digital Americana Jukebox also has the function whereby you can queue up and pause a song ready for playing at any given moment – which is great for a wedding first dance.

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